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DAMTOYS CICF2015 Gangsters Kingdom Spade 2 Nelson (Special Project)

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Chapter II: Escape 
Section I: City of God 

to Lead the Way for Me to Hell

"City of God" is the MOST Dangerous Slum in Rio de Janeiro, where Drug abuse is the Violence of paradise, here is Hopeless Suffering Erosion Hell - ---- ---------- Here is the Devil Would sigh and turned the place. 
This is the first leg of Ogle Also flee, Because there is His Brother ---------- -. Nelson, His Father's Son Nelson is a British orphan Adoption Father Ogle, Biaogeer Small 10-year-old, Tall and robust, Studied Boxing a FEW years, BUT His favorite Baseball, once the Short-lived Professional Baseball Player, Because So the innate aggressiveness staunch a Lot of Trouble Rexia since Childhood, Father Ogle HAD HIM not wanted to join the Gang, let HIM BUT Stay Away from gangs, fearing he provoke That a Lot of Scourge. BUT Nelson has Always wanted to get into the Gang goes spades Own Brand, Gang Colors each Heir are Designated A Card, this Card SHOULD Belong to Ogle, BUT he just wanted to do Spades J. Nelson did not get His Father's approval, sent to HIM only a spade 2, Which is the reason for the Exodus pique Nelson. Nelson Came to Rio de Janeiro 10 years ago to Start a Business in Drugs and firearms. Here is His paradise is His Hell. In Rio de Janeiro, a Screen Appears dilapidated House Roof, Standing in Front of a Shadow Wearing a Hoodie Inside the tire was mounted tied man, His Hand Bloodstained Baseball BAT. Was tied face has Been hit Badly Mutilated, faintly spoke Portuguese vague words. The Screen Switches to a person Holding a Baseball BAT, the Camera goes into His Slowly Angry face hate sin. He is Nelson, who sent HIM here nickname "Hot Dog" Because he liked with Fire this Cruel killing Methods. Nelson Picked up from the Ground and Poured a bucket of Gasoline was bound person's head, who was tied Desperately shaking body want to break out of the Tires. Nelson throw Barrels of Gasoline, Struck a match, he likes watching the match Slowly Burning, Because at this Moment, "Hot Dog" who Fear the look is to See His favorite Picture. "You need a pacemaker, Nelson. "Dark Staircase Balcony Mouth gradually emerged a Familiar Figure ----- Ogle Ogle glanced Nelson turned. Ogle Slowly Walked in Front of Nelson, Picked up the Shotgun aside and handed Nelson. "Touch" a Shotgun shell Flying , is bundled head has Been Sprayed Flesh scattered, Perhaps to be happy More than this "Hot Dog" in some sentence. "Hell in Me to Lead the Way." Pulled out from the Lower Nelson back to her deadpan flagon .... .. Ogle Said.

CHAPTER 2: Escape Section 1: City of God I Shall Lead the Way in Hell "City of God" is the MOST Dangerous Slum in Rio It is the Heaven for Drug and Violence, and the Hell of Agony and Despair ----. this is the place and even a sigh Devil Would Turn Away. This is Also the first stop of Ogier's getaway, Because Nelson, His Brother, His Father's stepson Also, Lives here. Nelson is a British orphan Adopted by Ogier's Father, he is ten Younger than Ogier years, Tall and Well Built. He Learned Boxing for a while, BUT His favorite is Always Baseball, and he Used to be a Professional Baseball Player for a FEW years. His Temper agressive many Trouble Caused HIM over the years. In afraid of HIM provoking scourges, Ogier's Father HAD Kept Nelson Away from the gangs, BUT Nelson Always want to join the Gang and get His Own spade Card. The Heir of each Suits in the Gang was assigned an Ace, this Card Belongs to Ogier, BUT he only want to be the Jack of spades. Nelson was not Recognized by His Father, he only got a 2 of spades, and this is Why hold a grudge and he ran Away. Nelson Came to Rio ten years ago to Start a buisiness of Drugs and Guns. This place is Heaven to HIM as Well as Hell. Before Nelson potency Standard Professional Baseball Teams..

GK002EX DAMTOYS Kingdom --------- spades 2 1/6 Gang Nelson (Harmonia Version) Parts Listing:

1. Headsculpt

2. DAM Action Body 

3. Black Short sleeves T-shirt

4. Long Sleeve Tee 

5. Baseball Jacket with ironed-on patch

6. Black Jeans 

7. Sneakers (One Pair) 

8. Hands x 4 Pieces 

9. Red Petrol Barrel 

10. Metal Baseball Bat 

11. Gold Flask

12. Gold Watch

13. Gold Necklace 

14. Sunglasses

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