PewpewGun Robotic Police Type Module

PEWPEWGUN 1/6 Robotic Nude Body-Police Type Module Stands 12.7 inch (32.5 cm) tall Features over 40 points of articulation (not including articulated fingers) Product includes:  *Robotic nude body(Police Type Module) with light-up function...

USD256.69 USD242.21
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WGRtoys 002 Samurai Gunner Group

WGRtoys 002 Samurai Gunner Group Parts List: Head Sculpt * 1Hands * 3 pairsArtculated body *1Nunoko *1Trousers *1Helmet *1Bucket sided body *1Current sleeve *2Waist cord *1Tegai gauntlet *2Striped shin guard *2Straw sandals *2Sword *1 Matchlock *1Slow...

USD151.82 USD144.83
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