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MiniTimes M013 SEAL Team Six HALO

Parts List: Head Sculpt Articulated body Mechanix M-Pact GlovesStrike Glasses G3 Shirt (MultiCam)G3 Pants (MultiCam)Tactical Boots x 1 Pair HK416 RifleEOTECH EXPS2 SightLA5 PEQ LASERTango GripScout Light with Low Profile Mount MK17 Suppressor...

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Flagset FS-73015 MC War Angela

Flagset FS-73015 MC War Angela Parts List:  1. The female head2. The female body3. The headset.4. The coat5. T-shirt6. The pants7. Backpack8. Skull mask9. Medical kits10. The belt11. Leg clips.12. Shoes13. The armbands bag14. The GPS15. Morale...

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